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      作者:    发布时间:2021-08-23 11:00:40



      Watches are the easiest to overlook and the key to improving their temperament.The eye-catching orange hour markers and hands demonstrate its passion for racing.When wearing the watch every day, the waterproof level 5 is sufficient to meet the daily waterproof needs.





      The reason why large manufacturers can reduce production costs is precisely because they can he a better production scale, which can also greatly reduce their prices. There are also some small manufacturers of high imitation Rolex water ghosts will also reduce their prices, their price cuts are even greater, they lower the production standards, whether it is to use the movement or the production process greatly reduces the improvement.As a person who wears a watch, the after-sales situation of the watch is one of the things that must be understood before buying a watch. In today's material society where the possession of luxury goods has become a status symbol, it is just right to own a high-grade famous watch. It can reflect his taste.If you find that the quartz watch still does not work after replacing the battery, the sludge may dry out, causing wear and tear on the watch parts.


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