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      Advantages of OrisProDiverDate If you want to buy a product similar to a Rolex diving watch, Oris65 52 is a good choice, and I personally think that ProDiverDate is undoubtedly a better choice, 49mm titanium case, 1000 meters water depth resistance, The safety lock ceramic bezel and the automatic helium release valve are both advantages.When worn on the wrist, it will be more fashionable and stylish.Turn the outer ring counterclockwise to position 2. At this time, the 2 o'clock button will be locked.





      Next, we will see this Anywhere Anywhere sunrise and sunset time watch from independent watchmaking brand KRAYON, which can be called the 'textbook' of clock polishing technology; it is also an accurate computer for sunrise and sunset times.The watch should be kept away from magnetic fields, for example, placed next to electrical appliances (such as stereos, refrigerators, computers, etc.) or magnetic objects (such as magnets, mobile phones) that generate magnetic fields.Their prices are almost the highest of existing Citizen watches, and they are not what most people can he.


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