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      It usually takes one month or one and a half months to get your watch, and sometimes it takes longer.Generally speaking, timepieces with complex functions are easily damaged and costly to maintain, but Longines can provide customers with satisfactory service at a lower price after the sale.But after the three-day watch exhibition, I deeply feel that the endless spirit of independent watchmaking has been driving the development of the entire watchmaking industry-Mr. Ye, on March 31, 2019, at the debilitating watch exhibition in Chengdu ; In March 2019, I came to Switzerland to participate in BSELWORLD as scheduled.





      Jin Yudong said that today's Chinese tourists are no longer keen on grouping, taking the bus, and eating, and they will not find Chinese food in Chinatown after landing.Assembling the watch only requires a manipulator and screws, but the work of calibrating the watch involves a small hairspring, the ear needs to listen carefully, and then adjust and control it.When the indicator reaches the last day, the pointer will automatically 'call back' to the first day of the month in real time. Watch experts call it 'callback calendar function.' In months less than 31 days, the wearer needs to manually adjust the pointer, but The process is very simple.


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