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      作者:    發布時間:2021-07-26 10:56:53



      In fact, what buyers should prevent is other modification behiors besides drilling. It is also a Rolex watch, the original movement and the non-original movement, the price is far different. This is also what many second-hand dealers choose to modify here. In addition to adding diamonds and changing the movement, there are also changes to the style of the watch, to increase the functions of the watch, or to change the dial or strap, and so on. In some distant second-hand goods markets, it is more likely to encounter these fake watches, some modification behiors, even some professionals can not see it without mastering professional tools.Seiko's movement is very precise, the price is cheaper than the Swiss brand, and the price is not bad.No. This time, in order to automatically recognize the movement without manual selection, it has been developed.





      For Rolex, who pursues reliability, the tourbillon is an outdated technology.Peng Yuyan's approval.Even if a waterproof watch is marked, it can only provide one year of waterproof protection, because the waterproof ring of the watch will wear out after a full year of wearing, plus various unoidable external factors, such as sweat and dust, so a year later The waterproof ring must be replaced, otherwise it will not he the waterproof function.



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