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      And how can it be so simple as 'Audemars Piguet'?Chew hand calcium, Zhou Zhennan loves to cook, He Luoluo only loves watches, Yan Xu Jia Haili grew up in Xia Zhiguang, hamster man Yao Chen, cocky penguin Zhai Xiaowen changed day class Zhang Yanqi, big brother Liu Ye, stock expert Ren Hao brings his own reverb, Zhao Lei, the storm grows, Zhao Rang is on the boy group On Saturday, the most popular talent show 'Creation Camp' came to an end. Eleven high-quality and handsome brothers formed their debut in the men's group.The skull 'emoji' on the dial is humorous, just like the image in European and American comics; the gorgeous gems make up the entire dial, just like a digital pixel painting!





      The watch most closely related to SteveMcQueen is actually not Rolex, but TAG Heuer. In 1971, 'Speed', he wore the newly born square TAG Heuer chronograph Monaco.For lubrication, watches and clocks use bearings, and hard and smooth gemstones are naturally the first choice.The 'Glashutte Original' movement in the Heinz era Heinz W. Pfeiffer determined to make 'Glashutte Original' a high-end brand. In addition to renaming, he also worked hard on the movement, such as re-improving and beautifying the movement developed in the GUB era. Then pack it into the market.



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