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      The best-selling Japanese whiskeys searched on the WS website are the three main products of Suntory.The watch shaker itself is a very small product. Most watch friends or practitioners do not know much about the watch shaker, and even many shop assistants do not recommend customers to use the watch shaker in order to oid risks. misunderstanding.I think Zong Qinghou has a vision and is good at choosing watches.





      IWC 'Salute to Pallweber' 150th Anniversary Special Edition Digital Display Watch, with a white lacquered dial and a blue digital display plate, is made of platinum. It is limited to 25 pieces and priced at 442,000 RMB.Glashütte’s original dial process is divided into two cities, one is the town of Glashütte, and the other is Pforzheim. The dial artisans use “paintings” to turn raw materials into miniature works of art (this is one of the few One of the few watch factories that can independently manufacture metal blanks).There is another Altiplano tourbillon watch with a diameter of 41 mm and a rose gold case that also uses a meteorite dial. The eccentric hour and minute dial is placed at 8 o'clock on the dial surface, and the floating tourbillon continues to spin and dance at 2 o'clock, just like at 2 o'clock. The eternally rotating stars in the mysterious and deep sky, as for the 85 diamonds weighing about 1.59 carats inlaid on the bezel, it is the vast Milky Way.



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