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      At the same time, this store also operates luggage sales (mainly the old wife Wu) and foreign exchange business.At the Paris Fashion Week that ended not long ago, Balenciaga let models walk on the water show, with exaggerated design lines, which once again strengthened the grotesque brand style.Perhaps it is because in his opinion, emotion is more important than money.





      Let them say that I lived in the era of Hector, a great general; let them say that I lived in the era of Achilles, a great warrior... Odysseus ('Troy') Lang The grid is out of a steel watch, named 'Odysseus' (Odysseus).Mr. Ye accompanied him to remind that, apart from the row spacing, Daytona’s dial still has a lot of useful information. Due to space limitations, only the following two points: First, look at the words at 6 o'clock on the dial.The brand has always been outstanding in the production of complication timepieces, especially in the field of astronomy. Last year, it also won the highest honor of the Golden Hand Award of the Geneva Watch Awards (GPHG).?The surprise of this Tanabata marketing is the theme first. The story of diamonds, love, and marriage has been told for hundreds of years, but this time eternal imprint is an attempt to break through tradition by writing about the twists and complexity of love.



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