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      This is the mark PART3 marked on the green wax model by the jeweller sculptor: the third part of waxing, using the waxing method to take the precious metal parts and cast them into a metal model.This watch features the iconic blue color that symbolizes the royal family of Europe. It is equipped with a black and Neptune blue bi-material strap, a blue rubber-coated case and crown, and a carbon fiber groove decorated with blue markings. The bezel provides a comprehensive and ultimate blue experience.The production process of the Milan belt is complicated and precise, and it rarely appears in the people-friendly watch brands.





      The interior design of Audi Q8 combines digital operation concepts, as always, showing a sense of technology, such as three-screen design, equipped with MMI touch response operating system, natural voice control system, a variety of ambient lights, and even Bang\u0026Olufsen advanced 3D with acoustic prism The sound system and the spacious and comfortable rear seating space perfectly combine intelligent technology and luxury experience.Although the small base number is one of the reasons for the growth of Hermès watches, it is undeniable that the overall sales of watch products are not very good. In 2019, the good performance of Hermès watches is inseparable from the advantages of its comprehensive brand. .All the staff working in the IWC factory also he newly designed uniforms. Polishing technicians wear gray clothes, mechanical equipment engineers wear blue clothes, and watchmakers wear white outer robes.



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