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      — Totem 1 — The geometric overlap of circles in the growth process of the orphanage D'obazine has accumulated Ms. Chanel’s inspiration for the color and the outline of the clothes. Even the overlapping geometry of the orphanage window grilles with a circular composition has become a later design. inspiration.In a blink of an eye, the magical year is almost half past, and the children are starting school one after another, and they start to miss the days when they lie at home, eat and watch dramas. (Presumably, in Xiaoha's lifetime, except for retirement, there should be no such vacation. Huh???) After resuming work, Xiao Ha began to look forward to Friday’s days every week. Although there has been a shortage recently, there are a lot of popular variety shows recently. The whole person who watched Xiao Ha is very excited and feels like me. The youth is back again~ If you still want to ask Xiaoha: What is the hot variety show recently?Snoopy wearing a spacesuit on the sub-dial of the blue small seconds at 9 o'clock is on it, and its image is exactly the same as the silver Snoopy brooch that NASA awarded the winners.





      Mongolians eat less vegetables, and their daily vitamins are supplemented by drinking milk tea. Milk tea is called 'Sutaicha' in Mongolian, and I remember it as Derensu.They accepted the new fashion, changed their social roles, and started the mighty feminist movement.Richard Mille Hodinkee Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet left the SIHH watch exhibition is very clear, then why Richard Mille Richard Mille also has to lee?



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