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      Baume \u0026 Mercier Creighton series BaumaticCOSC Observatory Watch 10518, steady and generous (photographed by KyleKuo).The rabbit straightened up immediately and ge serious advice to everyone: the meaning of 'cost-effectiveness' lies in the matching of practicality and price, both of which are indispensable.He wants to slow down the time. When he is not nervous or does not need to know the specific time, it is good to know the approximate time-so all watches of this brand he a single hand, a big hour hand.





      This stuff used to be chicken ribs, and the output was not high. I guess the annual output is only a few hundred yuan for 5711/1A. Christie's has only auctioned more than a dozen yuan in these years. It is too easy to raise the price, 200,000 premium to 400,000 yuan One piece, several major auction houses in the world raise the price of 50 pieces within a year, and it will not cost 20 million yuan. Coupled with the unofficial market control, it will not cost more than 100 million yuan. You don't need to go out and play garlic. Your cruel brothers can do it. Traders, this kind of 'small-cap stocks' holding 20% ??can draw the line, of course, the official also cooperated, all changed to VIP models.In the two watch appraisal sessions, Mr. Bai Yingze personally came to the site to show the watch. Everyone was very happy looking at the watch and buying the watch. They had a good time. In Tianjin, I also imagined the possibility of hing another Constable watch appraisal after the Spring Festival. Sex.But I don’t know if you he noticed that when the Chang'e-4 probe was launched in Xichang on December 8 last year, there was actually a TAGHeuer logo on the huge timing screen, and there was even a brand below it. Advertising slogan: 'Don'tcrackunderpressure.' (There is no fear under pressure.



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