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      It has a calendar window at 3 o'clock.mysterious.In addition, many antiques are traded at auctions, so on antique Rolexes, many brothers feel that they are far away from themselves and are not something they can play with.





      What many watch friends don't know is that consumers need to 'distribute goods' when buying Rolex in specialty stores. When buying Rolex in specialty stores, they also need to distribute goods! The store will submit a purchase list to Rolex every month, listing the necessary Rolex watches, such as 3Dayton price+5log+5TUDOR.Many watches now he a warranty period of two years. Although Rolex watches he extended the warranty period, not all models he been extended. Many are still curious about what the watch warranty refers to, whether the watch is scratched or not. Can it be repaired? Let's take a look at what needs to be paid attention to in the watch's warranty.Is the market share of high imitation Rolex watches high? For high imitation watches, we need to rely on market changes, because the current countermeasures for high imitation watches are obvious, and even the awareness of market choice for watches is relatively obvious.


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