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      For those racing fast on the Alps track, the rubber straps of these exquisite, accurate and comfortable watches are decorated with the tread pattern of the famous 1960 Dunlop tires, and the ladies' straps use Pure and flawless white, while the men's version of the strap uses a deep black.In the 1940s, Breitling began to add an important flight calculation function to the chronograph ring sliding slide rule, which played an important role for the pilots of that era of war.The Heritage Series 8860 Moon Phase Watch Series inherits the series 5410 large date display watch. It adopts a cylindrical case with an elegant hyperbolic shape suitable for the curve of the wrist.





      The mainstream watch media in China often classify watch brands as 'top, luxurious, luxurious and close to the people' category.This watch is not only a pattern of Mickey Mouse and cartoon animals, but also super vivid, which is also a good choice.The new ヱwatch is loyal to the original model, but has been redesigned to meet modern needs, such as ensuring the perfect water resistance of the ヴwatch: the bezel is integrally formed, the bezel and lugs are integrated into the case; the dial background and polished rhodium-plated digital screws It is the basis of the card; the winding movement contrasts sharply with the stars.


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