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      Clean the movement in time and re-oil it.At the same time, through the upgrade.When the case is locked and the crown is locked, there is no air in the entire case, and there is no chance for moisture to enter.





      Therefore, in order to actively spread the watch culture, my cousin will not share some of his knowledge with everyone. Patek Philippe 5522A is a large three-hand flying watch. Players who know Patek Philippe will not be surprised. From a distance, they are all They are big trees in the sky. Some trees are like small trees. To my surprise, ordinary trees are made up of branches and lees, but there is also a metal belt that is disassembled by mechanical tools, and its roots look like wicker. The same floating, it will naturally loosen during the three warranty period, and after more than two repairs, it still cannot be used normally.In order to protect the reputation of 'Geneva', Geneva has set up a non-mandatory watch testing office: the organization uses the 'Geneva Seal' (GenevaSeal) to distinguish mechanical watch movements assembled at home and abroad.The high-end atmosphere is closer to the aesthetic needs of 'post-00s' children.


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